‘The best of both worlds’ is the best idiom to describe ROPE Home Decor & Lifestyle products. You get the natural look and feel of handmade products as well as the consistency in superior quality that usually comes with sophisticated manufacturing processes. The secret behind this feat is the unique manufacturing model practiced at ROPE. We use the best management practices and cutting edge technology to constantly maintain a healthy equilibrium among price, quality and social responsibility. Various ROPE products like home furnishing, lifestyle and storage accessories are exquisitely handmade or hand woven using locally available natural raw materials, traditional skills and local skilled workforce specially trained by ROPE to maintain a high standard of quality.

ROPE products are awarded with the prestigious Craftmark certification. All manufacturing processes of ROPE conform to the key fair trade principles namely transparency and accountability; payment of fair wages; ensuring no child labour and forced labour; commitment to non discrimination, gender equity and freedom of association; ensuring good working conditions; providing capacity building and respect for the environment. In addition, ROPE factories comply with the specific process and quality standards required by the buyers like the IWAY norms of IKEA.

ROPE has a capacity of more than 1000 skilled workers and is manufacturing more than 2 million handmade units every year.